Cool Ideas, LLC​

Business Consulting  -  launching new ideas & fundraising tools 

Service Inquiries:

  • Preferred method of contact initially is client use of submission form located on our "Contact Us" page. It allows management the ability to keep track of it.
  • Cool Ideas LLC (CI) will allow you to submit your idea, review the project, your design or patent request. Evaluations typically take seven (7) to ten (10) business days.
  • The initial review of a client's venture is confidential of course and free of any charge or fee.
  • CI looks for patent requests within our wheel-house, may buy-in, broker, assist in sale of idea, product or business method and/or pass on the idea entirely. Don't be discouraged as an inventor if your idea is passed on by CI or another company. It may simply be out of our standard book of business.

Standard Fees:

  • Once CI's team decides to take on a client's idea/patent request, a $499.00 standard U.S. Patent search or marketing research fee is due to get started.

Variable Fees:

  • Break down of our guidance costs and filing fee vary State-to-State and  Client-to-Client based on the complexity of their type of patent request, level of guidance given and our desire to buy or broker the sale of your idea/patent ourselves or to another party.
  • Agreements will be negotiated, written and signed by both parties.
  • CI makes, nor allows any verbal agreements with any client. A minimum of two (2) of the three (3) founding partners must sign off on any deal for it to be enforceable or valid under any circumstance.
  • CI's standard servicing fee for client's who prefer we handle their basic disbursement of royalties may do so for a flat 5% fee annually. Fee may be divided monthly, quarterly or semi-annually if so desired by client pending payment terms. Contact us for more information.

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